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21 ENERO 2008


íThinking Grande! A film on Jose Luis Bonilla's 'Mexican Disneyland'

Mexican immigrant Jose Luis Bonilla, dishwasher turned businessman, spent over twenty years building his colossal, hand-made 'Mexican Disneyland' in the heart of California, only to abandon it after permit problems. A new grass-roots effort is underway to complete the village and develop it into a public center for Mexican arts and culture

World Premiere for TG at Santa Barbara Film Festival

íThinking Grande! Creating California's Mexican Wonderland will premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival which runs from 24 Jan through 3 Feb 2008. Thinking Grande will show on Saturday, January 26 and Tuesday, January 29.

Our film is about creativity and conflict and what can happen in this country when you dare to think big. 

Mexican immigrant Jose Luis Bonilla's twenty-year struggle to complete his vision of a colossal 'Mexican Disneyland' in rural Santa Barbara County seemed doomed when he gave up because of permit problems and returned home to Zacatecas, Mexico, leaving his dream village and homage to Mexico half-finished.

But hope still smolders. Energized by Bonilla's passion and excited about the cultural reconnection of Mexico with California, Santa Barbara arts activist Patrick Davis is determined to help Bonilla realize his vision and complete the stone village as a sustainable public center for Mexican arts and culture.